"Our mission is to serve our family community with the heart of Christ. To show compassion and love where there is lack and connect you, with sustaining power, to God's dreams and goals for your life."





   "Double the Praise!"



          God is a Spirit: and they that worship him 

          must worship him in spirit and in truth.  

       John 4:24

POZ Choirs
POZ music ministry is truly heart felt! The anointing is reflective within each performance. We are confident that you will feel the presence of God while being blessed by both the musicians and numerous choirs.
Celebrating the life of Dr. Ollen
An amazing man. An amazing ambassador. Our Lord Prayer guides all of us...
About the Pastor
Pastor Hardwick has been a proven dedicated pillar in the community for over 56 years. His spiritual leadership is notable and exemplary for fellow congregational overseers throughout the city of Los Angeles as well as the state of California. He has deligently served as the President of the Western State Convention and amongst clergy representatives when addressing political concerns.
Bible Study
Did you miss Bible Study? POZ is taking a walk through the bible to enhance the saints understanding. Be sure to be on time and ready to study, study, study! The world needs God ready soldiers. Pastor